Project I choreographed in Malaysia in June 2015 with a few members in iLuminate. Edited by Shane Carrigan.
Clip with two of Boston's OG's-Tron and one of my teachers, David Shallow.
Battle I won in Montreal during the 2014 winter where each round encompasses 1 of 6 techniques or approaches that are randomly chosen out of a bag.
Exchange in July 2013 in downtown Vancouver with my friend Michel "Boombeast" Lim.
Director/Videographer: Aba Atlas
Judge Demo for ElectroSoul Satisfaction in 2016.
"I Can Transform Ya" music video with Chris Brown. Co-choreographer along with Chadd "Madd Chadd" Smith.
Street performing at Pike's Place Fish Market in Seattle. Great pleasure of mine to interact, entertain, and sometimes confuse onlookers.

Super Funky Battle in Queens, New York. Fall 2013.

Solo after my workshop in Dartmouth.

An awesome time capsule video here from 2008 with good friend, superstar dancer and crewmate, Poppin' John. Shot and edited by Juan Carlos and Raul Soto of Atmosfera Productions.


On the train ride to get to my D.C.-bound bus, two birds were slain with one stone. Here is the result.

Cameraperson: Sophia Lavonne Smith

Editor: Marc "The Creator" Embrey


One with the willow.
Video & editing: Slick&Spade.
Short snippet of the visually
mesmerizing show, Artist of Light, of which I am a part.

Second video collaboration with Dizzy out of San Jose, CA. One of my favorite, inspiring dancers to trade rounds with.


Teaching Reel


Demo Reel