iLL SkiLLz Accelerator. My online teaching program.

It’s September 2019. I'm going to move to Canada for a couple years to teach as a resident instructor replacing one of my best friends for life and Soulbotics Krewmie, MegaMan’s classes. Everything was set in order. I even paid for a lawyer to aid with the process. Was feeling good. Then the officer at the border said…NO. I had stellar referrals and kind words from people in the states as well as people in Canada, but the officer stated that my legal approach was faulty, despite me knowing of a friend who succeeded twice with the same method. My heart sank. After the discouragement to me, my Canadian friends, the studios, and the students, I accepted this fact and embraced that after 7 years I was actually able to reside in Portland, Oregon again.

So in September, I’m back in Portland and no longer feeling defeated but surprisingly victorious that I’m back in a place I’ve called home in my heart since 2007. During this time MegaMan was kind enough, I mean really kind enough, to tell me of his online teaching program called Reality Check. After me being immensely inspired, he even granted me permission to start a program of my own based upon a few of the features of his. I tweaked those features considerably to my own tastes and called it iLL SkiLLz Accelerator, and the first course, Wave Animation, which lasted for 2 months, was a monumentally greater success than I could have projected. I felt a newfound calling for teaching people abroad while I am blessed to be based wherever I please. Being touched from everyone’s response to it and how it pushed their own dancing had occasionally moved me to tears. After this course ran its, um, course, I built upon it and created the Popping Edition (Lesson Sample 1, Lesson Sample 2) with the help of my marketing consultant, Brandon Johnson, and videographer/editor, Icon Sleepy Tut. I was nervous about this. I had not been known as a popper, like an actual hard hitting popper, for at least 6 years, so I was forced to step the hell up. In preparation for this course, I did just that. The anxiety of imposter syndrome changed my dance. I hear stories of the artist who delves into the business side of things only to become complacent in their art as they chase that green colored dream. In contrast, it actually pushed me to be far better in my art, and this second course went so beautifully. Since that has come to a close, and I aim to return to animation and the robotic styles, as of mid-May, I will be beginning my third iLL SkiLLz installment, called The Mechanical Playground, alternating between robotic techniques, foundations, or hacks one week, and a fun challenge/game another week. Just like it had with the first and second iLL SkiLLz editions, the future once again, frightens me to be better. I actually have to be better. I aim to alchemize that pressure into beautiful progress as a businessperson, as a teacher, and last but most certainly not least, as an artist and dancer. I’m doing this. The future is bright, and I evolve with its increasing light.

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