China Chilling

To really set this off, let's introduce my culturally appropriated emperor robot clip in the link here!

Because I like balloons...And I'm 4.

Last month I left the United States for China to live in this enormous and enormously isolated country for six months. I came here with the intention of expanding my reach and connecting with the dance community out here. They have had some but not too many dancers that specialize in other styles, so I’m hoping to share my approach with the people here. Thus far, they’ve been very receptive, inquisitive, and even appreciative about my style, and I’m quickly gaining new friends. I thoroughly enjoy this land and the kindness that I’ve been given freely from most everyone I have met, and I really do look forward to these next months with the aim of making good friends, strong connections, and influencing the dance culture out here. There’s a term my friend, Kai Xiang, who is responsible for bringing me out here, explained to me called "Guan xi". This is how China works. Creating strong connections and a network of friends and business partners like adjoining rivers, and you will be blessed with success and bonds between people that will last a lifetimes. Guan xi.

I didn't say I was a professional photographer!! Here I am with my dance friends in my city of Shenyang.

On another note, there is an ancient meditational movement form in China that has said to have existed possibly for as long as 5,000 years called QiGong. It has a successor, too, Tai Chi, which is birthed from QiGong, I believe. Both of these are very powerful practices, which greatly improve posture among other fascinating things for the body. I'm very fortunate enough to have found a teacher who is as eager to teach an American like myself as I am to learn it. If you want to see a laughable version of a professional robot and a newbie Tai Chi practitioner combined, check this out! China, I am very grateful for how good you've been to me. Thank you.

With my Tai Chi teacher and friend/student, Funky Ya.
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