Ancient Rainforests and Dry Deserts

During the month of January I was back on the west side of the country. My first week was spent in Portland, Oregon, where I taught a class on the cobra style. Here’s a recap. Next stop, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada, to hang with AJ Megaman Kambere and this great, small scene that he should be proud of having developed. I think in North America, when it comes to the largest amount of promising up and comers, this island filled with moist, ancient forests and small town living, a 2 hour ferry ride from Vancouver, is where it’s at. I taught many of his students and judged his annual event, Nanaimo Battlezone. Here’s a portion of my judge demo to prove I was actually there in the friendliest country there ever was, and here’s a solo after one of my classes I taught. After Canada, I moved south to Bend, Oregon, where I taught a workshop and instructed my friend, Eddie Tomlin, through my signature training program for the week. Bend is a gorgeous town in Oregon’s high desert, a bit lusher than what you typically think of as a desert, a desert much different than my last city on the tour-Phoenix, Arizona. Now, Phoenix! Much thanks to Jukebox Fam for having Poppin’ John and myself teach a workshop. Talk about a studio that has its own community. Love what they’re doing over there. Here’s a recap of my class. I also went over my rediscovered love, cobra style. And here’s a workshop demo with Poppin' John and myself directly below this.

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