Time to Get the Funk Down-London

Second stop on my tour was London, England. What a place. At the event I judged, Time to Get the Funk Down, one contestant called me out to battle, because of his lack of appreciation for my judgment that was not in his favor. The manner in which he did it though was delivered with some proper etiquette that one can only expect from such a distinguished land. You got to appreciate that. The event organizer, Chloé “Clockwork" Marie, delivered a great concept that I’ve seen becoming more widely used in battles as of recent which was having the preliminaries used as a time to exchange and cypher as opposed to the more common style of one person at a time with a pressured 30 seconds to one minute of showcasing your skills. What made it even more unique was that for about 3 minute rounds over the course of 1.5 hours, people continuously change partners with which they exchange, as I walk around the room assessing everyone. I find this method very efficient and very fun, removing the sometimes dryer element of the typical prelim structure. In all, great event. Thank you, Chloé, for allowing me to be a part of it.

P.S. Here's my judge demo.

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