First Leg On My Tour-Spain

Workshop in before Vegas Jam in Granada

Spain, you’re beautiful. Beginning my teaching/judging tour in Spain, I had been given a proper experience thanks to my good friend, world class dancer, and top notch tour guide, Enoch Basuñana Sierra. People in southern Spain are, let’s just say, non-stop comedians. If I can try and describe the people there in one word, it’d probably be “laughter". My sides are still hurting from how much fun and enjoyment this country’s people brought to me. I entered a local battle in Granada called Vegas Jam. Never have I seen competitors have such an incredibly humorous energy in a battle before. These people have mastered the art of not taking oneself so seriously. And it’s beautiful.

Vegas Jam solo

Enoch and I in Granada
In Seville, Spain

After my first week, I had traveled north to the Basque country in San Sebastian, where I instructed another friend of mine, Javi, whom I had taught in New York City last February. This is a man that had a stable career yet dissatisfying career in his successful family business but in his 30s had decided he was unhappy not pursuing an art he was always interested in from afar-dancing. Dude has an amazing story following his dreams. Thanks to Javi, I enjoyed literally some of the best dining experiences of my life. Some of these meals were truly spiritual experiences-complete with unbelievable wine and these masterfully prepared appetizers called pintxos that are different and imo much better than the more known tapas. Thank you so much for the memories, Javi.

Javi and I in San Sebastian
View of La Concha Beach
Behold the world's greatest appetizer-pintxos.

This is discipline.
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