Netherlands and the Hip Hop Huis

After a short stay in London, I moved on to an even shorter stay in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where I had taught a workshop at what may be the most beautiful studio I’ve ever been. This is because it isn’t just a studio, but a place where all elements of hip-hop are nurtured. In the basement, there are studios for producers to make beats. On the second floor, there is a room filled with turntables for aspiring turntablists and DJ’s to master their art. There’s another room where podcasts are made. In another, lectures from hip-hop legends throughout the world are given. When KRS-1 (If you don’t know, stop what you’re doing right now and look him up.) came through, in amazement, he said he's been wanting to do something like this for years but this hip-hop haven in Rotterdam is the first place to actually achieve it. What a beautiful forward-thinking country with some forward-thinking people. Thank you, Rotterdam! P.S. Amsterdam, and your "coffee shops". I love you as well.

Click here for the workshop demo afterwards and some kind words from my kind host, Leal, who posted the clip.

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