Robozee is as amazed as I am at German food.

Now, here we are in the land of my peoples, Germany. I mean, my last name is Breithaupt after all. That sure doesn’t sound Irish! Well, I guess I am though. After years of listening to my father’s proud German heritage, my uncle took a DNA test, which declared for him only 2% German dominated by a majority of Irish bloodline. Oh, technology, what do you know anyway?

The funny thing about dance is how it connects you with people across the other side of the world. My brother, and in my opinion, one of the world’s most innovative, inspirational dancers out there, Robozee. We’ve known each other since possibly as early as 2003. One conversation for 5 minutes on the phone a week prior to visiting him in his hometown of Kassel located in central Germany is the only actual conversation we’ve had aside from messages and exchanging comments on Facebook and Instagram. But on some level, this man was already a close friend of mine. My first night there, I enjoyed Germany's sweet warm, winter wine called Gluevein, and it’s awesome! If you want to feel what may be the most Christmasy place on earth, visit Germany.

Dinner after workshop at Flying Steps Academy
Post workshop pic

After staying in Kassel, I traveled a few hours east to Berlin, where I had taught a workshop to a very receptive class in Flying Steps Academy. Shout out to Alfreda aka Unreal who flew out from Italy to attend the workshop and flew back the next morning. Here's a solo practice clip and some of the highlights in Berlin. at the Academy. Another excellent studio and also home to Flying Illusion, a crew of some of this planet’s living dance legends, including Robozee. Look them up! If you don’t know, Berlin has an unparalleled electronic club scene, and I was fortunate to step foot into one of its leading venues, called Wilde Renate. This place is more like a labyrinth than a club. To give you a taste of what this city’s club culture is like, I’m obligated to place a sticker over my phone’s camera, because what happens in Renate, stays in Renate. I could spend a week exploring this city’s club culture.

Big thanks to crazy Osman for hosting. Was a great week.

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