Turntable Tacos, a Strutting Room, and an Eclipse

My west coast experience has been a beautiful one starting with a festival with 40,000 other people east of Oregon's cascade range. The Pacific Northwest may have a reputation of being a wet, forested wonderland, but most of it, the eastern portion, is actually dry with a lot of desert environments. And that's where the Oregon Eclipse festival was located. Too many memorable moments to mention, but one of the highlights was performing for the sound magician, Thriftworks, during the sunrise before the eclipse. Click on this sentence, and a video of magic will unfold.

From Oregon, I went to San Francisco to teach a workshop for the Strutters Room Master Camp, organized by a dear friend of mine and literally one of the funkiest human beings on this planet, Pop Tart. A few days later, I entered a competition in San Jose called Tacos and Turntables. Here I am in the finals down below.

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