Back to the Battles

After a 3 year hiatus from battling, I've entered the ring again. While certainly not content, I am proud of myself for listening to my intuition that has been telling me that if I want to attract opportunities and abundance, I must place myself in risky, vulnerable situations again such as street performing, and also-battling.

Out of two competitions in July, I made it to the semi-finals at New York's annual Step Ya Game Up, and first place the following week at Electrosoul Satisfaction 8 in D.C. If you're ever considering an event to attend on the east coast, I can't recommend ESS enough, as it is not just a one-day jam, but a weekend gathering of close friends with a great vibe. I've been fortunate enough to host in 2014 and judge in 2016, so with this one, I am very familiar. Here's a link to the trailer for a genuinely award-worthy documentary of Electrosoul Satisfaction done by Beat and Path.

We are still waiting for Electrosoul Satisfaction's footage, but down below is a clip of me in the the semi-finals, while the second is of me in the top 8 as fate would allow of me battling my two former roommates!

P.S. More exciting news soon to come of teaching in Boston and Florida, traveling to San Francisco to teach and compete at bay area legend, Pop Tart's festival, the Strutters Room, and a fall/winter tour in Europe.

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