Training a Traveler from Spain and the Bashville Stampede

After about a half year of traveling, teaching, and visiting my wife who has since moved from Canada to the states with me a few months back, I have returned to my home of the past three and a half years, New York City. I’m happy to be once again a part of this bustling, busy town.

Upon returning to New York and for the past month and a half, I’ve been instructing Javier, an aspiring popper who placed his faith in me by crossing the Atlantic to train under my guidance through my signature training program. Gotta admire dedication like that.

I also had an opportunity judging the popping category of a Nashville competition called Bashville Stampede 12 earlier this month. Here is my judge demo from that. This is a solid example of this animated feel I’m trying to commit to throughout my entire movement. It’s a subtle tension. Hope you enjoy.

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