Stateside Travels

Late summer and fall was a whirlwind of traveling. Here are some of its key moments I'm gonna share with y'all.

On September 8, I taught a workshop and judged a competition in Baltimore called Skillz over Politicz. Thanks to Stance for filming my judge demo found right here. After you check that out, there was an eventful battle where one of the dancers I judged along with, King Mike, called out the third judge, Madd Chadd.

With a mic on, I feel important. Here's to me in late September feeling important while teaching a class at Symbiosis music festival, an hour east of California's bay area. If you don't mind camping in the blistering sun, the producers of this festival really spared no costs to create one impressive experience filled with incredible workshops (like mine!) and music.

In 2008, I remember sending a message on Myspace to Dave Tipper telling him how he was my favorite producer, how his music moved me in dance so deeply, and how I aspired to one day perform for him. With all the cyber fan mail, I don't expect him to have read it, but I felt the urge to show some love nonetheless. Fast forward to October, and it is always a great privilege when I receive the opportunity to share the stage with one of my musical heroes. Here's a snippet from that night.

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