Glowing and Judging

I got two videos to share. The first one is from the archives. Not way back, but a little over a year back from when I was a glow in the dark resident of Malaysia for a few months. Here's some quality solo footage of me in my iLuminate robot gear that my iLuminate buddy, Shane Carrigan, was kind enough to edit for me.

Now the second clip is from last month when I judged an annual competition in Washington D.C. called Electro Soul. Some phenomenal battles took place., such as Devious (on the right side in the above pic) vs Rashaad. It's worth checking out this YouTube channel for more than my judge demo alone. But, hey, this is about me; stay focused! You can click here for my solo filled with Hitting, Animating, Waving, and um, Hair.

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