Fall/Early Winter Update

It’s been a few months, and I have officially decided that upon this very day, I shall set aside time, which has begun as these words are flowing from my fingers, to let y’all know what this guy has been doing. I intend to do this in a way that will be as concisely written as I possibly can. Don’t believe I can do it, huh? Ok then, you watch!

For the end of October, I went to Portland, Oregon to teach privates, a couple workshops, perform on Halloween at the city’s largest party that night, Phantom. Here’s a link to one of my workshops. Theme: Zombies! After Halloween, I traveled to Salt Lake City to teach privates, and hang with my super bro and student, Estevon Scruggs. Fast forward to November’s end, I went to Hartford, Connecticut to teach a workshop and judge the Black Friday Jam. It’s crazy how there are good poppers with crazy isolations “popping” (harhar) up everywhere. Last and certainly far from least, on Jan 8, I performed for one of my all-time favorite producers and soundsmiths, Tipper, in NYC at the Playstation Theater. In 2008, I sent this man’s Facebook a message saying how I’d love to perform for him some day. I’ve been so blessed to have that lofty dream become a reality several times now. Here’s a short Instagram link from that night.

Alright, I guess I did just alright for keeping it short. My self-appointed grade is a B-.

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