Back in the Big Apple

Malaysia. Singapore. India. Hong Kong. Montreal. The Southern and Midwest United States. And we can’t forget the last leg of the journey-enjoying the slow pace and peacefulness of Long Island’s East End with my family. Not a bad past six months it has been seeing and experiencing other locales and cultures around the world. And not a bad culmination to it all with an auspicious super moon lunar eclipse that befell upon the day of my return home.

Before this return home though, let us rewind to about a month after my Hong Kong experience where iLuminate reunited for a tri-state tour: Arkansas, Kentucky, and Michigan. It was a bittersweet 6 days. While hanging with this group of friends is a never-ending source of enjoyment and play, we all knew that it could be our last time for a considerable duration that we all spend together under the title of iLuminate. I actually enjoyed those 6+ hours long stretches driving from city to city in our small bus absorbing the scenery of a piece of my homeland I haven’t gotten to see, with its countryside and farmland in every direction for miles. We went from humid and hot in Arkansas to cool and breezy in Michigan’s Benton Harbor. A great tour it was.

Now I’ve returned with a new horizon set in front of me, one which I have the freedom to paint for myself. I look forward to this new frontier while having grown with a few of these recent adventures etched into my life. I now have plenty of time as well as a few lofty ideas up my sleeve that I really want to manifest and materialize. It’s just up to me to pull this dream from my imagination and invite it to this existence here in the physical realm...Here we go!

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