Reflections on Two Different Worlds

I’ve recently returned to North America after my travels since spring’s beginning, and, damn, it feels good. The main objective after finishing my 3-month stay in Malaysia was to visit Singapore for a few days before moving onto Delhi, India for about a week and a half. Both places are completely different universes to best describe the contrast.

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Singapore is a city with its fingers directly on the pulse of what is happening around the world. Some of the buildings there seem to be made by architects kidnapped from the future. Part of my intention for being there was to teach a workshop on my second and last night there, which went really well. Big thanks to everyone that came through! We all became creatures birthed from the limitless source of our own imaginations, whether it was an evil creature coming out of the mud or a goofy gnome strolling through the forest. No, really, that's exactly the kind of stuff that came out my mouth.

Next stop, Delhi, India, where I felt right at home with the people, fell in love with the food and made memories that will probably stay with me untarnished throughout this lifetime. The dance scene in this country and in Delhi has a newfound hunger for popping possibly unmatched anywhere else right now, and within the next few years, the world is going to be very aware of its presence. Mark my words. I can’t even begin to describe India. I’ve never been somewhere before that had me feeling as if some certain energy or way of being that existed millennia in the past still had a strong hold on its ways today. I mean, it is home to some of the world’s earliest spiritual texts. I experienced intense traffic that seemed like it obeyed no rules, unbelievable meals, and meaningful friendships that were forged in a week. India, I look forward to visiting and further exploring your beautiful, complex wonder.

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