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That nonsensical name is a combination of two things-one being a city, and the other being a city and country all in one! Don't worry. Just keep reading.

It’s amazing to consider that three months of performing, dancing, living, traveling, and simply being in the breathtaking country of Malaysia with a little over a dozen other beautiful people I call my friends is already coming to a close. Even though I am beyond eager to be holding my girl back in Canada, two other destination points await me.

On June 30, I will be wishing this country a bittersweet goodbye as I spend two days in Singapore hanging with friends and teaching at Recognize Studios. This short venture is followed by a week and a half enduring what may be painfully warm (dramatic much?) weather, amazing food, dance circles, and new friends in Delhi and northern India. I honestly feel a wealth of gratitude to the universe as well as my friend, Aastik, for bringing me out there, as India has been one of the most important countries I've wanted to step foot upon for over a decade. The event I’ll be judging is called Delhi Funk Circle 6, and it brings a great number of street dancers from all corners of this large country. This scene is hungry, and this is so evident in the uproar you can hear in YouTube clips of India’s previous street competitions and in all of the enthusiastic and supportive messages I’m receiving from all the dancers there. Two more weeks, and a new journey begins. Let’s go!

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