Residing in Paradise

Water cascading down a steep table of rocks some thirty feet from me until its frenzied force calms into a gentle stream. Brightly colored fish peacefully resting at the bottom of a pond that is one stretch of the leg’s distance from me. And what am I doing typing on a computer while this serene scenery is at my feet? Well, the cascading water is powered by a motor, and those colorful little fishies are koi fish stocked to impress this hotel’s visitors. I’m not necessarily one of the Awana Hotel's visitors but more a temporary resident here for the next three months. And it’s awesome!! My company and I are stuck on a mountain in paradise for all of spring. I really can’t complain. We’ll be performing in a resort a thirty minute bus ride from my seasonal home. The theater has probably about eight-hundred to a thousand seats, and it's a short walk from a neighboring building that a "Ripley’s Believe It or Not" sign claims is a hotel with the most rooms in the world, the First World Hotel. So that’s my life for the time being. I’m healthy, able-bodied, focused with my life, and currently residing in the tropics. Life is good. If only my Canadian lady, Mimo, were here to share it with me... Unfortunately, the wifi isn’t very strong, so all I can do is tell you to look up Awana Hotel Genting in Google Images to give you an idea of where I am. Miss you, America. I’ll see you soon though.

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