My 2014 Summer So Far

Past couple of months have been quite a roller coaster of good times and hard work that I have completely slipped on informing all of you lovelies about some of these experiences.

Well, in early July, I judged a local competition, Takala Land's 3rd Anniversary in Flushing, Queens that was thrown by Ziyin Lee. Small yet packed with great talent. Here’s my demo: :). Next, I taught a student/friend of mine from Portland, Oregon for a week with my Premium Performance Package. I was so happy he came through, because it gave me a very focused week filled with training and just some amazing sessions. Thanks, Westin! Another great experience was assisting iLuminate’s director, Miral Kotb, in ringing the bell for the Nasdaq one morning, while dressed in full robotic light suit attire alongside my buddy, Marcus Cobb.

I have spent a small amount of time behind the microphone at a few events, but never was I given the role of being an official one. That is until July 26, baby! Wow! It was so much fun and much more work and focus needed than one may think. I mean, yours truly here has to look at the timer, announce when their round should end, say “oh, cool move, bro (or broette)” and then come up with something funny on top of that. See! Tough stuff there. If you want to experience some epic banter with waacking dance legend, Tyrone Proctor, during my host demo, you should check it out! Host Demo.

And lastly, we arrive to an event called Broadway in the Park. It is held every summer in Manhattan’s Bryant Park where shows on and off Broadway have an opportunity to showcase a sample of what their play, musical, or whatever it may be, has to offer-all to a crowd of 5,000! Here’s our performance: Bryant Park Show.

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