Life Can Really Take a Turn

It's May, 13, literally the day before I'm about to head off for my Cross-Nation Animation Teaching Tour, when I'm told iLuminate wants me to return-this time permanently as the T1 robot role. As sad as it was to have to deliver this news of cancellation to event and workshop holders that were expecting my presence, I was ecstatic to be a dancer of this urban art form that is going to be graced with holding a steady job for a while. From the bottom of my heart, there is not any other vocation in any other city that I'd rather do. I embrace this lifestyle that is to be my future for the time being. This doesn't mean I won't work on other endeavors. I still want to pursue video projects (which have been long overdue!), competitions, and teaching workshops as well as my Premium Performance Package to anyone who is in town or wants to travel to see me. To sum it up: This idea of really planting some roots and calling a place my home-not for a couple of months with a big question mark placing its presence of uncertainty over my soul-but for a substantial amount of time in this nomadic being's life...Well, that is beautiful

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