After having gotten a taste of traveling, thanks to my Canada excursion, I decided to set up a 5-week teaching tour throughout several cities in the U.S. I spent a couple weeks in Salt Lake City teaching a couple of skilled students that have become good friends of mine. You'd be quite impressed by the dance community that lies inside of this town next to a big, salty body of water.

Next stop was my old stomping grounds and a place very close to my heart, Portland, Oregon. Such a great place to always come back. This magical world has the best food, with the best prices might I add, the greatest moderate weather when the sun's out, the most beautiful, lushest parks covered in forests, and the funkiest, quirkiest, kindest people to boot. Give it a visit some time.

Last stop before returning to my beloved Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn (enough of the letter "b" for ya?)-Chicago. There was this special, larger-than-life person who went by Plainwhite Tom. Well, his physical being had moved on this winter, and in his honor, some of his close friends organized a beautiful event called No Excuses. What a great event and what a fun afterparty. I am beyond touched and very pleased that I followed through with the urge to support.


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