"[...] I don't know a lot of poppers who are as well versed in their foundation, boogaloo and animation as PopNTod [...] He can execute effortlessly any popping style that you hand him [...] And I feel like he's definitely somebody you want to turn to if you want the history of popping, but also want someone who can help you grow from there and explore. [...] I definitely recommend one on one lessons with PopnTod, as it worked for me, if you really want to grow more as a dancer."

                     - Edmund Tan, (What The Funk?! crew)

"PopNTod was one of my first teachers, and after seven years, he is still one of my primary sources when I have questions. [...] He truly cares about his students and carrying on the tradition of popping. I'm so thankful to have him as a dance mentor!"

                    - Sophia Lavonne Smith, (Oroboros crew)

"thank you sincerely for taking the time to provide such a detailed critique...You

have given me much more than i

expected, todd."

                           - Mark Richessence

"[...] I learned some excellent new things to incorporate into my dancing and also some key components and foundations [...] We also got to tape the sessions, so I can always refer back to them for studying. My experience with PopNTod was amazing! 

                         - Dominic "Anywhere"


"Todd is a fantastic instructor, very technical while maintaining his unbounded creativity at the same time. He gives you methods to practice difficult techniques in the most entertaining way possible for any level of dancer. I always learn something new and different every time as he always manages to stay relevant in the street dance community that we have today. I have the highest level of respect for this man."

         - Justin Miller, (Bulletproof Funk)


Styles taught with any workshop can be determined by the client. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

In this class, we explore different styles of robot and implement some of those techniques into waves. The visual effect of fusing these two movements is very strong, since we are taking two sharply contrasting forms-one being fluid while the other is rigid-and bringing them together.



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This class is for intermediate and advanced students that want to push themselves and discover new and unique forms of movement that are not used by many. I have found methods to take grooves and apply them very methodically with my signature form of hitting I call Momentum Hits. 

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It's the unreal look to popping that reeled me into this expression to begin with. As a result, you may see styles like animation and elements of miming incorporated into my dance. We would go over specific secrets and tricks with weight shifting and tension to create unique animated motions as well as various techniques of mime such as fixed point and the pipe.

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"Seriously thank you, because of you I fell in love all over again with my craft."

                               - Ulysses "Gogo Gonzo"            Gonzales (Boogie techz)

Here are some examples. If there's a style or approach not listed below, don't hesitate to ask if I can teach it.

1. Waving (plain ol’ fluid waving, waving with hits, waving while being mechanical, waving while traveling, "wave tracing" techniques, etc.).

2. Robot & Mechanical Movement (how to isolate parts of the body, traveling while being mechanical, “fixed point” techniques, ”dimestopping” techniques, etc.).

3. Hitting (how to hit with a “dimestop”, how to hit while using other styles. I have a large arsenal of efficient and precise methods to hitting that are my own such as the inward & outward diaphragm hit).

4. Gliding & Traveling (breaking down how to apply balance & using all areas of the foot instead of being flat-footed, showing how to be aware of the upper body to complement the movement down below and not just being solely focused on the feet, etc.).

5. Electric Boogaloo (style created by the Electric Boogaloos including moves such as “twist-o-flex”, “neck-o-flex”, “walk-out”, “old man", etc.; also uses unique ways in rolling the head, chest, hips, etc.).

6. Grooves taken from my experience learning other styles like house dancing & hip-hop as well as movements hailing from West Africa, Brazil, and Cuba and my personalized, unique way I include a hit to these movements. A lot of these grooves, while influenced from other forms of dance, have become my own. The hitting techniques that I use with these grooves are personally my own as well.

7. Tuts (concepts and ways I emphasize not only the tut and arms themselves but dynamic angles I incorporate with my body as a whole, making tuts mechanical/robotic).

8. Head/Chest Isolations

9. Old School L.A. Style of Popping (in the vein of my elders and predecessors but with my personal twist on the style; specific emphasis on posture that’s unique to L.A. and its inner city areas; simple, yet dynamic and straightforward, rigid angles, etc.)

10. Animation (techniques in this unreal movement where it seems similar to stop-motion animation or computer-generated imaging, sinbadding style, etc. Animation techniques can be used with most styles and is often seen with robot.)




P.S.:These single classes and styles can always be part of a workshop. You can mix and match to customize a perfect class or workshop that fits your needs or your class.

¡¡PopNTod's Premium Performance Package for Poppping!!™

For a few years now, this package has been a secret weapon in my teaching across the world. Based on a particular set of techniques, drills and training, the PopNTod's Premium Package is meticulously designed to push the dancer's limits and to level up his/her dancing in a short period of time. In other words, it's an intensive workout for poppers, ready to bring the beast out of them, be in shape, and get down like never before.       


By verbalizing and breaking down different approaches and styles, the Premium Package perfectly embraces the idea of Theory&Practice. You will learn the foundations by putting them into work throughout your dancing. Also, by analyzing every student's body motion, I can put emphasis on their real needs, such as balancing their weight properly, hitting from the right muscles and so on. In addition, we can center the workout around every popper's ambitions and goals for his dancing.


Who is this intended for?  If you just started or if you've been practicing popping for a long time and feel the need to grow out of your comfort zone, this is for YOU. Any popper or dancer interested in becoming strong and controlled in their popping, PopNTod's Premium Package is the intensive work you need, the push that will level up your whole style. The package can be suited for a group of dancers, a class, or for a one-on-one-whichever is more efficent and benecial for the student. This includes people at any age or any dance background-as long as you want to improve your popping skills and as long as you're ready for a good workout. 


Interested in this dance apprenticeship? Want to bring your popping vocabulary and techniques to a higher level? If this speaks to you, then you should be more than confident that it will perfectly suit you, and that you will fully benefit from every aspect of the training.






Keep in mind that you don’t have to travel to me. We can use video chat through whatever platform you choose.



Also! I can come to you. Go to the CONTACT tab to ask about the rates and more detailed information. Remember that the rates are directly affected by the number of students and number of days that are agreed upon.

Now, let's take your popping to the next level!