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 Hey there, festy-going, application-managing, rooting, tooting son of a gun.  I’m from a crew called New Lineage. We are the fusion of two worlds: street dance and festival sub-culture. Composed of three members (along with an occasional special guest) with true mastery in our respective styles, we take dancing very seriously while incorporating a strong element of playfulness. If you’d like to view the skills before reading about them, you can check us out here: New Lineage: Mighty4 or here New Lineage: Eprom Salva Show

 Icon is an expert of a sub-style within popping called tutting, which mimics Egyptian hieroglyphics. He literally is heralded as one of the world’s leading tutters. Our Jill of all trades, Donna, is a certified bad-ass at not one, but many styles, from house dancing and popping to Afro-Cuban, and Afro-Brazilian, folkloric dance forms. And I, PopNTod, am, you guessed it… a popper, with an emphasis on robotic movements as well as a fluid form called waving. Since I am a much better dancer than I am a writer, here’s what I have to say: check me out on Youtube! (my favorite ones are: PopNTod: Robot Bagger and PopNTod: Chris Brown Music Video In the last clip mentioned, I’m at the :45 mark with the ponytail)

 As a crew, we love festivals. We love performing at them. We love being at them. And we love teaching at them. Thanks to the appreciation festival-goers have for popping and street dance, our workshops tend to be among the most attended. We are avid supporters of street dance and festival culture and would love to perform as well as teach workshops at your event.

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 DonnaMation, a wizard at blending dance styles from around the world, has been performing, choreographing, and teaching dances from Latin America and the African diaspora for over ten years. The word “firecracker “ comes to mind when describing the amount of energy that comes through this little being when she’s dancing. Donna is well versed in a plethora of styles including street dances such as popping, rumba, house, and Brazilian samba, as well as sacred dances from both Cuba, Brazil and West Africa. Donna is considered one of the best samba dancers in the USA and a highly respected educator. She has been and/or is currently the artistic director and choreographers for many theaters and groups including Axé Didé, the Lions of Batucada, New Lineage, and West Coast Avengers. Donna is also a dancer and musician for a very musically-inclined, Portland-famed, 10-piece Afro-Beat band, Jujuba. Owner of the vibrant Portland studio, Center Space, Donna teaches many of her classes there when she isn’t sharing her sparkling talents with audiences and students all around the planet.


 Todd “PopNTod” Breithaupt has been regarded as one of Southern California’s innovators in popping, specializing in styles such as waving, robot, bopping, dimestopping, and animation. He has spent over ten years honing his craft mainly through self-practice and also with the help of the knowledge he has received personally from many of L.A.’s legends. Yet it was through spending innumerable hours street performing on Hollywood Blvd. or in his recent hometown, Portland, Oregon, that PopNTod was able to develop world-class mastery with the robotic styles and attain “incredible upper body isolation” as So You Think You Can Dance judge, Mary Murphy, once described. He has performed for and shared the stage with countless artists and groups such as Jabbawockeez, E-40, Ludacris, Common, etc. and even worked with Carnival Cruise Lines as a permanent hired performer. He has appeared in a number of commercials and other media including Chris Brown’s music video, “I Can Transform Ya” where the dedicated popper and Chris Brown perform side-by-side to some of Todd’s own mechanical choreography. Realizing that dancing is a gift to share, he has even played a large part in mentoring and/or influencing some of the world’s up and coming dancers including Dumbo of Poreotics, winning team of America’s Best Dance Crew 2009. Todd’s current performance crews are New Lineage, LXD [Legion of Extraordinary Dancers], Soulbotics Krew, and West Coast Avengers. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon where he teaches and performs regularly.


 Icon is known as one of the most innovative poppers that specialize in the geometric shape-shifting styles, tutting and finger tutting. He seamlessly fuses together the styles of waving, robotics, tutting, and a spicy dash of flexing (advanced New York underground, street dance movement of the past few years), causing the people around him to stop everything they are doing, hold their hand over their mouths and make great sounds like “WOOOOO, dayummm, What-the-@#$%!!!!” and so forth. Eager to share his talents, he has traveled throughout the world and performed on stage with great artists such as Gift of Gab, Flying Lotus, Daedalus, Vibesquad, Marty Party, and many more. Icon is currently performing with New Lineage and West Coast Avengers and is located in sunny Portland, Oregon.


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