Big Move to the Big Apple, Team iLuminate, & Some Cool Videos

It is now almost October. Fall has arrived, & I made a huge move from not so sunny Seattle to not so nuevo New York. The reason for change? The opportunity to perform on stage for an incredible, sensory overload of a technological, epically illusional, dancing, off-Broadway, light show called Artist of Light. In 2011, this group auditioned on America’s Got Talent. They did so well even that Howie Mandel was moved to the point of calling them the “best act” that the show has ever seen! & as of Thursday, after a good month of rehearsing & learning the show, I did my first performance. & it was so much fun! Definitely quite the honor to be a part of this powerhouse of talent & creativity. My part is one of the two robots, so I get the privilege of doing one of the things that I do best. If you’re interested in seeing some of their work in 2011, here’s a clip of their audition:

& to get a quick taste of the show, here’s another clip: .

Can’t forget about this dashing picture of me, too, right before the show:

& lastly, here are some clips of mine that I haven’t posted up here yet: One is of me dancing, getting silly, & messing w/ NYC’s subway passengers. Props to Mark Embrey on a great job editing but not spelling! Haha.

Another one is me in quite the amazing costume, largely thanks to the inspiring mind of a very special, talented person named Mimo aka Miryam Magri from Montreal (& myself, too). Wow, so many M’s by accident! This involves more humorous interactions with the public, too. What can I say? It’s my forte, I guess-or one of them. This was shot by Tim Uomoto while I was street performing one day at Pike’s Place in Seattle. Tim’s a very involved event promoter/bboy/all-around good guy in the northwest & as you can see, also a great video editor/cameraman.

And, last one right here, my buddy, Michel aka Boombeast, also from Montreal came to Vancouver to judge a free, open to the public outdoor street dance festival called Vancouver Street Dance Festival along w/ me. Silly parents, don’t they know Michelle is a girl’s name? The French think dropping the ‘le’ at the end just changes the gender implication? Oh, well, I guess it does. Ok, moving on. So, the next day, we did a shoot with Aba Atlas, & it came out awesome! Here ya go! & the Next time some cool stuff intersects w/ my life that I find worth sharing, I’ll make sure to do it. Thanks for reading the blog! ‘Til next time, this—

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Spring 2013 (& a Lil’ Bit of Summer) Tour Recap

What is the point of having a website? To blog once every year of course!! Ok, maybe that is not a good goal. This guy should probably add a little more activity to the website a little more often. Starting now! Well, at least that’s the plan.

& let’s make this one about my spring tour, which was awesome & mainly on the east coast. I’ll focus mainly on the highlights & what a highlight my very first week was in Montreal. I judged what just might be the coolest popping competition in North America called Chaos Unleashed. Here’s the clip for that:

The next week I competed in Boston for one of the east coast’s largest popping competitions called Super Dope Funk Explosion. & a super dope explosion of the funk it was. Largely, because my funk was in the building, & my funk won the crown against Dassy, an amazing popper originally from Korea. I was so much more aggressive than I thought until I saw the video. Wow! Little too much? Clip in 3,2,1… .

Fast forward a couple weeks to spending in Baltimore. I went there to compete in this crazy rave that has a competition inside of it. This was brought on by some crazy old school raver heads from a crew called Dark Matter. Some of the members in this were also in the legendary Liquid Pop Collective, who were the dance form, liquid’s, biggest heroes in the 90′s & early 00′s. What was cool bout this battle is that it was focused round fluid styles. So, liquid, waving, etc. are the forms that were to be judged upon. You could execute other styles, but it was only the fluid movements that were important. I ended up battling Koolhand Luke in the finals, an awesome young buck & extremely creative & inspirational waver. Clip please! .

I also stayed in NYC, where I taught & performed w/ Fayzah, an awesome fusion dancer that does anything from popping, bellydancing, to hip-hop, etc. No footage though. :( At least not yet. That’s right. I just made a corny frowny face. Deal with it. I taught my friend, Gwoping, in D.C., my other new friend, Dominic, in the middle of nowhere aka Peekskill, New York. By the way, in case you don’t know, I travel to people to teach them, or they come out to me. If you’re interested, email me bout the details & all that. It’s called PopNTod’s Premium Performance Package for Popping. I think there’s one more ‘P’ in there, too, but it’s escaping me. I also went out to Salt Lake City to hang w/ my friend, Estevon & teach. You’d be very surprised. They got a very solid, tight-knit scene out there. I love their vibe!

After flying to a different city each week for bout 3 months, I then did my last northwest leg of the tour, starting outside of Eugene, Oregon in the middle of nowhere, where I taught my buddy, Luke Long, that I instruct a couple times every year. This is what it looks like:

Cheshire, Oregon

Heavenly & relaxing week kicking it w/ Luke.

A couple weeks later to finish it all off, I was in Vancouver, B.C., where I judged the all-styles as well as the popping categories in one of Canada’s biggest street dance competitions called Battlezone, thrown by the very talented Heavy Hittaz popping crew. Really, they’re extremely talented. Here’s a clip to prove it: .
It was a funky couple of weeks listening to Bopping Andre, a true veteran of dance & one of the most influential people to popping ever dropping knowledge, & getting down w/ Popula & Lil’ O. & back to Battlezone, below are the judge demos along w/ the finals in popping where JSmooth went against Boppin’ Andre in a very entertaining battle. &

After that I taught the precocious Gadget aka McGadget Bop aka Ryan McLean for a few days & was able to enjoy Canada Day w/ the lil’ dude & street performed for a couple hours in the blisteringly hot sun. What’s most important though is that I was able to take this picture:

Canda Day, Eh! I’m sure Canadians are super tired of the played out, overly obvious stereotyped ‘Eh’. Get over it. I couldn’t resist.

& on a final, random note unrelated to me, there’s a clip my buddies in Soul Sector/Knuckle Neck put up. What I like bout it is for one, the dancing is amazing w/ incredible popping, turfing, top rocking, & bboying. Another thing is that it represents real hip-hop culture. The kind of stuff you won’t hear on the radio nor see on your television, except in bits & pieces & in an easily digestible form for the masses. They’re bringing it raw & uncut here. This vid also has members of Souls of Mischief in it, who are west coast hip-hop heroes as well as QBert, a world champion turntablist & legend. You don’t see music artists back a dancer like that so much these days. So the fact that these hip-hop icons are doing just that is one hell of a big deal in my book. Enjoy:

…The End.

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Teaching in Collaboration with the Talented Fayzah in NYC in April

Super duper excited bout this collaborative 2-day dance workshop with Fayzah and me-two different dancers from two different backgrounds!!

For more information on pricing, descriptions of the classes, etc, go here: Workshop Purchase Link

For questions: You can message us or email us at or


Saturday, April 20, 3-6PM, Studio 503
3PM: Bottin – PopNTod
4:15PM: Street Styles and World Grooves Fusion – PopNTod & Fayzah Fire will accompany each other in this class.

Sunday, April 21, 3-6PM, Studio 605
3PM: Electric isolations, vibrations, lava moves, multi-layering – Fayzah Fire
4:15PM: Waving – PopNTod & Fayzah Fire will accompany each other in this class.

FULL PACKAGE: Recommended!
$65 Early Bird Special (Only $16.25 per workshop!)
$75 after April 1
$85 cash at door full package.

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New Clips,, and Little Winter ’12 Recap

I think we should get this recap over w/ to send you straight to the meat–or chicken-flavored tofu for you Vegetarians out there. And since I live in Portland these days, there’s a good chance that many of you readers are! Who likes corny jokes?! Alright, so 2nd day of the new year I flew out to Honolulu to teach a class and film w/ my friend and liquid-dancing legend, Fu Manchu for a week. We got some really captivating footage out there, too. Not so difficult to find good places to film in Paradise.
Then I went to Montreal to teach for a good couple of weeks and train w/ some of the dopest poppers in the world. First of all, if you don’t know, Montreal has an amazing popping and dancing scene. I have some footage there from one of my workshops I taught and intend on uploading it soon. So, stay tuned.
After Montreal, I went to Toronto-six hours away-for a couple days and entered a really dope event called Area 51. This competition was held by a very innovative, unique crew called the Moon Runners. They combine popping w/ some techniques from a Brooklyn style of dance called flexing to create a style no other crew out there is doing. YouTube ‘em! But that’s to be done on your own time. Because we’re here to see me. Aaaaaaaand, here’s a clip of me in the finals:
Shortly after returning home, I went up to Seattle to teach for a couple days. Seattle, by the way, is one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. It’s got such a charm to it. It’s got grime to it in some parts of the city. It’s got an actual big city feel to it. All of this, and it’s nestled in between the scenic Puget Sound and the mountains to the east, so you’re never far from nature. One of the days I was there, I filmed the video clip posted below. Behind me is this ridiculously good, psychedelic mural done by Victor Wilkins that covers half the entire living space! You can see the rest of this piece and more at Also, get ready for some 2nd grade level reading skills and me repping my favorite belt company. You can check it out at OK, and now w/out further ado, my latest clip. So, I guess I didn’t keep this short and sweet as falsely promised. Oh well, it’s my website. I do what I want!! Ok, really, now w/out further ado:

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Couple New Vids That’ll Make You Slap My Momma…

…but please fight the urge. That’d be disrespectful. Slap me, instead. And just do it w/out telling me why at first. Cuz I love surprises!!

So, before I get to the videos, I’d like to let ya know in advance that I hope, I hope, I complete my first DVD before the end of this winter showing my best solo footage of me dancing in different places in Oregon. I really have fallen in love with my city and with Oregon and want to make a DVD showing you why it’s so dope via some killer footage with some killer backdrops!!! I also intend to do the same thing with an instructional vid, too by either late winter or early spring. Fingers crossed. Stay motivated!! Yeah, dig it. Stay tuned.

And, now to the videos!!

Here’s one I just made w/ my new buddy, David Estrada. He’s a very talented videographer/photographer that does a lot or work with Nat. Geo. actually. I gotta bust in some really tight locations. All in Portland, too!!

And here’s the other one I made with my girlfriend a couple months ago. Aww, warmer days are behind me now. I really love this clip. I had been practicing pretty hard, and I was happy to note the progress after watching this footage. Plus, my girl is killing it with the robotics!!

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Photosynthesis Festival Was Amazing

I’m just gonna write this stream-of-consciousness style. First off, check the website: Photosynthesis Festival. What a beautiful location this year. So, I was hired to be the performance coordinator for this event. There were several fire dancing groups, and my performance group, New Lineage. It was held up in Neah Bay, Wa, which is the very northwestern corner of the nation. A serene beach on the Macah Tribe Indian Reservation. A diverse line-up of dj’s from various electronic genres were there. One of the highlights was definitely performing for Tipper and bringing down the house w/ our performance. Check out Tipper’s music here if you’re interested. A true legend in the glitch-hop and breaks scene. A lot of my friends down in L.A. don’t get what I see bout Portland and the northwest. So, to have my good dancing companions, WaveOMatic, Lobo, and Animatronix to get a taste of what this place is all about was a beautiful feeling. -The end.

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3-Class Popping Workshop This Week

Alright humans!! I’m teaching this Tue, Thu, and Sun.
Times: 6-7:30PM for Tue the 22nd and Thu the 24th.
4-5:30PM for Sun the 27th.
Cost: $12 or $30 for all 3.

I’m gonna have a different focus for each class. I start w/ popping fundamentals for every one though to teach y’all that foundation.
So, Tue will focus on waving. Thu will be gliding and whatever the heck I want!! And Sun will be whatever people suggest. So, the choice is up to you’z guys. Dig it? Dig it.

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My Vewwy Fuwst Website

 If you’ve come to this page, well, then you’re obviously really important and know what’s good for you! I’d like to thank my good buddy, Marie “Pandora” Medina for making this. Girl don’t just dance. She does killer graphic design. But, hey, this is about ME!! I have a lot to learn here, but I hope this’ll be a fun, exciting way to further educate myself in the world of computer/internet savviness or end up overwhelmed by all of it. I guess I’ll find out. Thx for coming here. Hope you find what you’re looking for, and I hope you’re someone that promotes huge shows and wants me to be a headlining performer and pay me tons of $$!! But if you’re not, I’m sincerely glad you’re here anyway and was just being silly. Please, feel welcome and make yourself at home. I got videos to check out, pics of me looking lovely, and this awesome 1st post to start the site off. Yeah!
Enjoy the tour.

Todd aka Toddler aka PopNTod aka Toad & formerly for a duration of only 4 months, BopNTod

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